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Wawa Finger Jointed/Laminated PAR Calibrated to 22mm

25.4mm x 330mm Nom. x 2.10mL and 2.40mL

Ghana CEIBA FAS Grade KD S/E  

12.5m3 25mm x 300mm/wdr Ceiba x 2.40mL


5.5m3- 25mm RW x 2.4mL

10m3 - 25mm RW x 3.0mL

Sapele/Utiele FAS Grade - full or part mixed trailers for prompt delivery   

Sapele 1 , 1.1/4 1.1/2 2 2.1/2 and 3, and/or

Utile 2 2 1/2 and 3
In a spread of lengths from 2.1m - 4.9mL

Cameron Ayous AIC Grade OLB Certified KD S/E

We have stock of Ayous in a variety of thicknesses and lengths

25mm 32mm 38mm and 50mm

Both on the ground and on the water

Price 565 per m3 Delivered

Contact us with your interest we can offer a discount for quantity and

also F.O.M. Offers if this suits you better


70% PEFC Certified European Beech Unsteamed

26mm x 2.4 mL @ 450 per m3 Delivered


North American Tulipwood FAS Grade

Tulipwood 8/4"  11.5m3  x RW x Lengths 8Ft and 14Ft

@ 12.50 FOM - Lying 3TL Liverpool

New arrival of First Choice Grade European Oak Dimensions

52 x 105mm 0.90mL, and

52 x 130mm 1.1mL - 2.2mL Quarter Sawn and Crown Cut

Contact us for prices and availability



All the above available prompt Subject to remaining unsold

For further details on any of the above please contact us with your enquiries.

For Delivered quotes in Euro please contact us at the numbers shown

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